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Selecting good quality car wash products and tools is important in extending the lifespan of the car. Poor quality car wash products may still be able to clean your car, but it will damage the surface of the car and remove its wax protection. This will cause your car to oxidize sooner than expected. At Street West Coast Customs our products are of good quality and they are recommended by experts.


Some of the products that we offer include:


• Car Wash Shampoo
• Drying Towel
• Wash Mitt




1) Aqua Wax
2) Bodywork Shampoo Conditioner
3) Super Resin Polish
4) Bumper Care
5) Interior Shampoo
6) Extra Gloss Protection
7) Vinyl & Rubber Protection
8) Car Glass Polish
9) Leather Care Balm



1) Ultimate Polish
2) Ultimate Wax & Polish
3) GC Rich Leather Cleaner & Conditioner
4) Odor Eliminator
5) Ultimate Quick Detailer
6) Cleaner Wax Paste
7) Supreme Shine Proctection
8) Endurance High Gloss
8) Microfiber Wash Mitt
9) Hot Rims Mag & Aluminium Polish
10) NXT Generation Glass Cleaner



1) Bubble & Wax
2) Degreaser FX
3) Tire Shine
4) Stain X Plus
5) Synthetic Sealant
6) Leather Cream
7) Crystal Block
8) Glass Cleaner
9) Leather Soft
10) Reblack
11) Magic Cloth 







Street West Coast Customs Sdn Bhd

Street West Coast Customs Sdn Bhd is the professional car care centre. We provide professional car pampering services including car washing, car polishing, car waxing, car coating, steam cushion, detailed interior cleaning, car tinting with LLumar professional film which will be professionally installed, It's your one - stop car care center and professional auto detailing centre. We also provide car care products such as car wash shampoo, wash mitt, drying towel and LLumar tinting film. Our service and workmanship is top notch, you can rest assured that your car is treated with care and love here. Visit our workshop now and we will offer you quality service at affordable price.
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