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Street West Coast Customs Sdn Bhd is founded by a group of car lovers who leave their background in legal fields, international business and engineering to make their car care centre dream come true. This centre is formed with the purpose of providing the best car care services and boost up the car grooming industry. It is a good place for car lovers to share ideas and information.


Some of our main car care services include car washing, polishing, car coating, waxing, tinting, headlight protection, paint protection and car interior restoration. LLumar window tinting films for cars and building. We also offer car care products such as car wash shampoo, wash mitt, drying towel and so on. They are good in quality and available for all budget.


Our brand name is well known and reputable in Malaysia. This is mainly due to the workmanship and service of our staffs. At our workshop, we are backed by experienced and skilled car enthusiast staffs. They are passionate about cars and treat cars with love and care. Therefore, they understand what client wants and will do their very best to meet the demands.


Interested in giving your car a well-deserved pampering session? Visit us at today and give us a call at

03-8740 6419 / 012-3997 764 for more info.





Street West Coast Customs Sdn Bhd

Street West Coast Customs Sdn Bhd is the professional car care centre. We provide professional car pampering services including car washing, car polishing, car waxing, car coating, steam cushion, detailed interior cleaning, car tinting with LLumar professional film which will be professionally installed, It's your one - stop car care center and professional auto detailing centre. We also provide car care products such as car wash shampoo, wash mitt, drying towel and LLumar tinting film. Our service and workmanship is top notch, you can rest assured that your car is treated with care and love here. Visit our workshop now and we will offer you quality service at affordable price.
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SWCC 16 & 18 Jalan Putra 3,
Taman Putra Kajang,
43000, Kajang, Selangor
(T) 03-8740 6419(M) 012-3997 764(E) /